Biden visits Virginia as part of a tour in support of his initiatives

The President puts forward a plan to improve the education system in the United States.

President Joe Biden is visiting Virginia on Monday to discuss his initiatives to improve the US education system.

Biden will visit an elementary school in Yorktown and deliver a speech at a community college in Norfolk. His wife, Jill Biden, a teacher by profession, accompanies the President.

The visit to Virginia is part of a campaign to promote two large-scale Biden initiatives: a $ 2 trillion infrastructure modernization plan and a $ 1.8 trillion plan to support American families.

Among other things, the plan includes a trillion dollars for education and childcare over 10 years and $ 800 billion in tax breaks for middle-and low-income families.

According to the White House, it is also proposed to allocate $ 200 billion for free universal preschool education and $ 109 billion for two years of free tuition at a community college, regardless of income level.

On Thursday, the president will visit Lake Charles and New Orleans in Louisiana, and Vice President Kamala Harris will head to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Tuesday.

Biden promised to work with Democrats and Republicans to find a bipartisan agreement. However, it remains to be seen whether he will be able to convince Republicans to support a plan to raise taxes for the rich.

On May 12, the president is scheduled to meet with Democratic and Republican leaders at the White House to coordinate positions.

There are strong bipartisan divisions in Congress, and the Democrats have only a small margin in the House and Senate.

Throughout the 2020 campaign, Biden promised to cooperate with Republicans, but his main legislative achievement – a $ 1.9 trillion economic aid package for the pandemic-was passed without Republican support. Congressional Republicans are already working to strengthen their positions in the midterm congressional elections held in 2022. They are trying to rally the party around resistance to Biden’s initiatives.

Author: Steve Cowan
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