Biden the future chief of staff of the White House

Joe Biden, who, according to preliminary data, won the US presidential election, announced that he will appoint Ron Kline as chief of staff of the White House.

“Ron has been invaluable to me over the years that we worked together, including when we rescued the American economy from one of the worst crises in 2009 and subsequently grappled with the public health crisis in 2014,” says Biden’s written statement. By the 2014 crisis, he means the Ebola epidemic in Africa.

Kline was Biden’s chief of staff when he was a senator and later took the same position under Biden, the vice-president.

“I look forward to helping him (Biden – ed.) And vice president-elect (Kamala Harris – ed.) Put together a talented and diverse team that will work in the White House. We have to deal with an ambitious agenda that brings change and try to correct divisions in our country, ” Kline said in turn.

The chief of staff is in many ways a conductor of the president’s policy, coordinates ministries and departments, and helps to look for candidates for high posts. Unlike ministers and other high-ranking officials, the head of the White House apparatus is appointed by the president alone and does not need Senate approval.

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