Biden: the choice of a new Supreme Court justice should be made by the winner of the presidential election

The issue of appointing a candidate to the Supreme Court may become dominant in the coming weeks before the election.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said that “there is no doubt” that a replacement for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg should be determined by the winner of the November presidential election.

“There is no doubt – let me be clear – that voters should choose the President, and the President should choose a judge to be considered by the Senate,” Biden told reporters, commenting on the news of Ginsburg’s death.

Biden’s remarks appear likely to lay the groundwork for a bipartisan fight over the Supreme Court that could become the dominant topic in the next seven weeks remaining before the November 3 election.

Ginsburg, a liberal-leaning judge who has sat on the Supreme Court since 1993, died Friday at the age of 87. Her departure provided President Trump with an opportunity to expand the conservative majority on the court at a time of a fierce election race.

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said he intends to act on any proposal from Trump. Biden’s comments indicate that he and the Democratic Party will fight against the possible attempts of the Republicans to take this step.

On September 9, Trump released a list of potential candidates to fill any future Supreme Court vacancies to win the support of conservative voters. Biden has promised to appoint an African-American woman to the Supreme Court, but he has not yet released his list of Supreme Court nominees.

On Saturday, September 19, Donald Trump has already tweeted that he intends to act on this issue “without delay.”