Biden spoke about the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan

US President Joe Biden said that the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan is being carried out in accordance with the schedule and will be completed by September of this year.

On Friday, The Daily Telegraph, citing sources close to British Chief of Staff Nicholas Carter, reported that London and Washington allegedly plan to complete the withdrawal of the bulk of their troops from Afghanistan on 4 July.

“No, we are proceeding in accordance with the expectations that we have set for ourselves,” the head of the White House replied to a question about the early withdrawal of foreign troops from the Islamic republic.

According to Biden, the final military contingent will leave Afghanistan by September this year, as previously announced.
In addition, the American leader suggested that the Afghan authorities face new negotiations with the growing Taliban.

In Afghanistan, there is a confrontation between government forces and the Taliban, who have seized significant territories in rural areas and launched an offensive against large cities amid the withdrawal of an international military contingent from the country. In an effort to counter this, Afghan security forces are conducting anti-terrorist operations across the country.

In late April, NATO forces began withdrawing their troops from Afghanistan. It was originally planned that all foreign troops would leave the republic by May 1 of this year. Later, US President Joe Biden announced that the withdrawal was expected to be completed by 9/11.

At the end of February 2020, at a ceremony in Qatar, representatives of the United States and the Taliban signed the first peace agreement in more than 18 years of conflict, which provides for the withdrawal of foreign troops from the Islamic republic in 14 months and the beginning of an inter-Afghan dialogue on the country’s future structure.

Earlier, Sputnik radio reported that Moscow allows negotiations on the Afghan settlement in the format of the “expanded three”: Russia, the United States, China and Pakistan.

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