Biden spoke about expectations from the debate with Trump

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden expects personal attacks from President Donald Trump at their first televised debate on September 29.

“I suspect that he will attack directly and mainly in a personal way. It’s the only thing he knows how to do… He doesn’t know how to debate; he’s not that smart. He doesn’t know so many facts, and he doesn’t know much about international politics, he doesn’t know much about domestic politics. He doesn’t know much about the details,” Biden said Saturday on MSNBC.

Biden himself admitted that he is going to talk about why he considers Trump an unsuccessful President and his program to correct the situation.

Earlier, Trump admitted that his democratic rival Joe Biden could perform well at the debate. He explained this by the rich political experience of his opponent, which is many times greater than his own.

The first TV debates will be held on September 29. Over an hour and a half, candidates will be asked questions on six selected topics, each of which will take 15 minutes. Topics include the appointment of a judge to the Supreme Court, riots in American cities, the fight against coronavirus, election security, and the economy.