Biden signed executive order to start prison reform

The Justice Department will abandon the use of private prisons to detain people sentenced to imprisonment by federal courts.

President Joe Biden signed an order on Tuesday to reform the U.S. prison system and eliminate the US government’s private prisons use.

“There are currently more than two million people in American prisons, including a disproportionately large non-white population… The current system of places of detention requires high costs and puts our society in a difficult situation, while not making (our lives) safer, “the text of the decree says.” To reduce the number of prisoners, we must reduce the financial incentives to incarcerate (people in custody) and gradually eliminate the use of private detention centers by the federal government.”

“President Biden is committed to reducing the prison population while making our communities safer. This will start with the federal government ending the use of private prisons,” Susan Rice, Biden’s domestic policy adviser, told reporters.

According to the Reuters news agency, after the White House statement, the shares of two leading public companies that manage private prisons fell significantly in value. GEO Group Inc securities fell 3.5% in afternoon trading, while Corecivic Inc shares fell 3.7%.

According to Rice, private prisons “make a profit at the expense of federal prisoners.” The Inspector-General of the Ministry of Justice recognized private places of detention as less safe for both the prisoners themselves and the employees of such correctional institutions.

As specified by “Reuters,” Biden’s decree applies only to federal contracts of the Department of Justice with private prison companies – they, according to the president’s decision, will not be renewed. However, the Department of Homeland Security will use private prison facilities to detain illegal immigrants.

Author: Steve Cowan
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