Biden said the US has made “staggering progress” in the fight against the pandemic

Washington expects that it will be able to provide the states in need with both coronavirus vaccines and technologies for their production later, the American leader said.

The number of cases of coronavirus infection in the United States has significantly decreased in recent months; the country has achieved “stunning success” in the fight against the pandemic. This was stated on Tuesday by the American leader Joe Biden, speaking at the White House.

“Although there is still a lot to go through in this fight, a lot of work in May and June on the way to July 4 (US Independence Day), we have achieved a stunning success thanks to all of you. The number of cases of infection and deaths had significantly decreased compared to January 20, when I took office as president,” he said. “The number of cases will continue to decline.”

Biden said the country was losing “tens of thousands of senior citizens a week” in January. “At that time, less than 1% of the elderly were fully vaccinated. Today 67% of this category received vaccinations,” the president added.

“Last week, I announced that we had passed the threshold of 200 million doses of vaccinations received by citizens. Now the number is 215 million,” he said.

Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) The United States issued recommendations on Tuesday, according to which it is now allowed to be on the street without protective masks, regardless of whether or not residents have been vaccinated against the new coronavirus. For those who have been fully vaccinated, you can forget about the mask even at small street meetings on the street or while visiting the outdoor verandas of cafes and restaurants surrounded by strangers.

Vaccines for other countries

According to Biden, the United States expects that it will be able to provide both coronavirus vaccines and their production technologies to the states in need later.

“I think we will be able to share the vaccines, as well as the know-how, with other countries that have a genuine need [for it]. This is the hope and expectation,” he stressed.

Biden also confirmed that the United States would supply India, which faces a sharp increase in the number of people infected with the coronavirus, with the necessary drugs in the future. This issue was discussed in a telephone conversation with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on April 26, the head of the US administration said. “We also discussed with him [Modi] when we [the US] will be able to send vaccines to India. I intend to do this,” the President said.

He assured that Washington is beginning to provide immediately certain types of support to New Delhi in the current situation. “As for India. I had a long conversation with Modi, with the Prime Minister. We are immediately sending the various types of assistance that he needs,” Biden said. According to him, the drug remdesivir and other medicines are also transmitted. In addition, the necessary equipment for the production of vaccines will be transferred to India, the president explained. “And I can add: when we [the US] were in a difficult position at the very beginning, India helped us,” Biden said.

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