Biden said the likelihood of a delay in the distribution of the coronavirus vaccine in the United States

The politician also expects to call on all American States governors to introduce a mandatory regime for wearing masks before the inauguration.

The reluctance of the administration of US President Donald Trump to begin the process of transferring power in the country may lead to the fact that Americans will receive a vaccine against the new coronavirus later for up to several months. According to forecasts of leading American media, this was stated on Wednesday by Democrat Joseph Biden, who won the presidential election in the United States.

“I’m optimistic, but we should have moved on,” he said. “We can’t get access to information that we should have,” the Democrat stated. As he explained, we are talking in particular about information about the availability of funds in warehouses in the United States necessary to combat the pandemic.

Biden stressed that his aides also need to familiarize themselves with the current administration’s plans to distribute the vaccine in the country and abroad. According to the Democrat, otherwise, there may be a “lag of weeks or months” to distribute the vaccine. Biden called “extremely promising” the publication of data that vaccines’ effectiveness from Moderna and Pfizer is about 95%.

Biden expects to call on all American States governors to introduce a mandatory regime for wearing masks before the inauguration. Biden made this statement at a meeting with health care workers, which was broadcast on Wednesday on the politician’s website.

The Democrat noted that, according to experts, by the time of his inauguration on January 20, up to 200 thousand people may die from complications caused by the coronavirus in the United States. “But there are some things that I’m going to do without waiting to take office, “he stressed.” One of these things is that I, expressing gratitude to those who have already done this, will call on all political leaders and state authorities to introduce a mandatory regime of wearing masks and maintaining social distance.”

“We will do our best to work in cooperation with local authorities and state leaders, whether Democrats or Republicans, to introduce a mandatory mask regime,” Biden said, noting that all US citizens should listen to his words, regardless of their political preferences. “This is nothing more than a manifestation of patriotism and concern for their fellow citizens,” he concluded.

Previously, Biden has repeatedly advocated the introduction of a mandatory mask regime in the United States.

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