Biden said that vaccination in the United States is lagging behind the required pace

US President-elect Joe Biden said that vaccination against COVID-19 in the US is lagging behind the required pace, and there may not be an improvement with the coronavirus until March.

“Things will get worse before they get better. Critics said I was alarmist, but I always promised to tell you how things really are… We may not see an improvement until March,” Biden said, speaking in Delaware.

According to him, the Donald Trump administration’s efforts are “far behind” the necessary ones. It will take “years, not months” to vaccinate the majority of the US population at the current pace.

Even with a sharp acceleration in production and vaccination, it will take months to vaccinate most of the population, Biden warned.

“We’ve only brought in a few million, and at the rate that the vaccination program is going, it will take years, not months, to vaccinate Americans,” he said.


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