Biden said that the use of weapons in the United States had become an epidemic and an international disgrace

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According to the president, gun violence costs the state $280 billion annually.

Acts of gun violence in the United States have become an epidemic and an international disgrace, costing the state $280 billion annually. This was stated on Thursday by US President Joe Biden, speaking in the Rose Garden of the White House, introducing measures to tighten regulation in the field of arms trafficking.

He stressed that the proposal of his administration does not contradict the second amendment to the US Constitution, which guarantees the right of citizens to keep and carry weapons. “Today, we are taking steps to address not only the firearms-related crisis but also what is really a health crisis. Nothing that I’m going to recommend will affect the Second Amendment in any way,” the American leader stressed.

“The argument that we have put at stake the rights that the Second Amendment guarantees is wrong. However, no amendment to the Constitution is absolute. The very idea that the measures we recommend are unconstitutional is unbelievable. Gun violence is an epidemic in this country. Once again, gun violence in this country is an epidemic and an international disgrace,” Biden said.

“Gun violence in America <…> [estimated] at $280 billion a year, ” he added.

In the US, “316 people are shot every day, and 106 of them die, ” the White House host continued, adding that the government “has an obligation to ensure the safety of its citizens.” “This is an epidemic that needs to be stopped,” he reiterated.

The President also called for a “ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines in his country.”

Biden called for a fight against the American gun lobby, depriving it of support from the government’s legislative branch. “And we also need to strip firearms manufacturers of the immunity that Congress grants them.  The only industry in America < … > that cannot be sued, they are manufacturers of firearms,” the head of state said.

Address to Congress

During his address, the American leader called on Congress to act. “Enough prayers. It’s time for action. I believe that the Senate should immediately pass the three bills previously approved by the House of Representatives to eliminate loopholes that allow those who purchase firearms to bypass checks [for criminal records, etc.]. The vast majority of Americans, including gun owners, believe that checks should precede such purchases,” Biden stressed.

“These bills provide, in particular, for inspections when buying weapons at exhibitions that are currently not arranged, a ban on the sale of such products to those persons who have been found guilty by a court of violence against their spouses or loved ones” the head of the Washington administration explained

“Among Americans, this is not a matter of partisan politics. The American people see this as a national issue,” said Biden, who represents the Democratic Party of the United States.

He assured that he is ready to work with the political opposition in the face of Republicans in Congress to move things forward. “I am ready to work with everyone to achieve this. We should have acted a long time ago,” the president said.

Suggestions of the administration

The White House said that Biden would not wait for the US Congress to approve the relevant bills, and he will take measures in accordance with the powers of the president. So, within 30 days, the US Department of Justice will develop its proposal aimed at combating homemade pistols, which can be purchased as a set of parts for self-assembly and assembled at home “in less than 30 minutes,” the White House notes. As emphasized in the press service, such guns are used by criminals not to be identified later since there is no serial number on the weapon.

Also, within 60 days, the same agency will develop a proposal aimed at tightening the rules for the sale of certain types of butts, which “essentially turn a pistol into a short-barreled rifle.” As noted in the White House, it is such a butt that a suspect could use in the shooting in the American city of Boulder (Colorado), the victims of which were 10 people.

Some other measures have also been proposed to prevent incidents of gun violence. In particular, we are talking about giving the courts, and local law enforcement agencies expanded powers aimed at seizing weapons from those citizens who, in their opinion, pose a danger to other residents.

Author: Steve Cowan
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