Biden said that new coronavirus mutations are spreading rapidly in the United States

The number of new cases of infection is growing again, the American leader said.

New coronavirus mutations are spreading rapidly in the United States. The number of new infection cases is growing again, so it can not be said that the fight against the pandemic in the country has reached the finish line. This was stated on Tuesday by US President Joe Biden.

“There is a lot of good news, but there is also some bad news. New varieties of the virus are spreading and spreading rapidly, the number of new infections is growing again, the number of hospitalizations is no longer decreasing,” he said.

“Let me be obvious with you: we are not at the finish line,” Biden added.

Biden hopes that the United States will soon have enough doses of coronavirus vaccines to start providing them to other countries.

As the American leader said, he hopes that “very soon,” the United States will have enough doses of the vaccine to share with other countries. “We can’t just solve this problem inside America; we have to solve it all over the world,” he said.

“We can’t build a wall or fence high enough to keep the virus out [in the US],” Biden added.

The situation with possible supplies of the vaccine from the United States is complicated because, at the end of last year, US President Donald Trump signed a decree according to which Washington will not provide drugs for coronavirus to other countries until all American citizens have access to them.

In March, a spokeswoman for the current head of the Washington administration, Jen Psaki, said that Biden “is focused on making vaccines available to all Americans.” According to her, the next step of the authorities should be an economic recovery. After achieving these goals, Washington intends to “discuss further steps,” the spokeswoman concluded.

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