Biden said that he injured his leg while trying to grab the dog by the tail

Joe Biden, who was elected, according to preliminary data, the President of the United States, told under what circumstances he received a leg injury-playing with his dog, tried to grab it by the tail.

“I came out of the bathroom. I have a dog. Everyone who has been to my house knows this. The puppy threw the ball in front of me so I could grab the ball. So I go through a little passage to get to the bedroom, and I grab the ball like this, and it runs. And I jokingly ran after him to grab his tail,” Biden said in an interview with CNN.

“What happened is this: he slipped on the carpet, and I tripped on the rug that he slipped on,” Biden added.

“It’s not a very interesting story,” he said.

Over the weekend, doctors diagnosed Biden, 78, with threadlike fractures in his foot and ordered him to wear a special orthopedic boot. Biden is expected to recover within a few weeks.

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