Biden said that confidence in the US in the world has declined because of Trump

According to the politician, the US is currently “less secure than before.”

The democratic candidate for President of the United States, Joseph Biden, believes that due to the miscalculations of the administration of Republican Donald Trump in foreign policy, the world’s trust level in the United States has decreased.

At a campaign event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, broadcast by ABC, the Democrat was asked whether the Trump administration’s foreign policy course was credible. “We are isolated in the world like never before. Our allies were left alone. The “America first” principle has left America alone,” Biden said. According to him, Iran has enough nuclear materials to produce a nuclear bomb, and the DPRK’s missile arsenal has increased.

“I would say that we [the US] are less secure at the moment than before. <…> See for yourself, we are no longer very trusted in the world. When people from 17 countries were asked who they trust more, the current President (Trump) conceded (to Russian President Vladimir Putin) Putin and (Chinese President) XI Jinping,” Biden continued.

The results of a survey conducted by the Pew research center in Washington among 13.2 thousand people in 13 countries were published in mid-September. According to the study, 23% of its participants have confidence in the Russian leader. A little less – 19% – is the rating of confidence in Chinese President XI Jinping. At the same time, only 16% of respondents trust the head of the US administration.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has the highest rating in this survey – 76%. French President Emmanuel Macron follows it with 64% and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson with 48%.
The next General election in the United States will be held on November 3. They will elect the President and Vice President, all 435 members of the House of Representatives and a third of the Senate of the United States Congress, and the governors of 13 states and territories.

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