Biden refused to meet with Zelensky before the summit with Putin

The administration of the President of the United States of America Joe Biden has changed its mind to organize a meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart before the US-Russian summit, Axios reports.

With reference to a source in the White House, the media claims that Washington really considered the option of inviting Vladimir Zelensky shortly before the talks with Putin in Geneva. However, subsequently, the administration of the American leader refused to promote this meeting because Zelensky decided to change the leadership of the state energy company Naftogaz. In the United States, it was considered that Ukraine refused to fight corruption, the portal writes. Zelensky himself said in an interview with Axios that he was ready to meet with Biden before the Russian-American summit in Geneva to discuss, among other things, the “Nord stream-2,” but there were no consultations on this topic. Nevertheless, contact with the American counterpart “in one form or another” is possible, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry stressed.

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