Biden promised to create a commission to investigate police actions

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has promised to create a national commission to develop policies on police use of excessive force, as in the African-American woman Brianna Taylor who was killed by law enforcement.

“We have to keep saying her name. We have to move on. When I am President, there will be a national committee that will sit in the White House, and we will bring these parties together there and make sure that there is some serious reform in the Police Department,” he said on MSNBC on Saturday.

According to him, by parties, he means the police and representatives of society.

Biden stressed that violence is unacceptable, repeating that it is necessary to start now with countering the use of excessive force, prohibiting choking techniques, and reviewing search warrants without knocking on the door when a law enforcement officer unexpectedly breaks into an apartment at virtually any time of the day.