Biden: “Plan to save America” is already changing people’s daily lives

The President spoke to reporters at the White House.

Speaking to reporters at the White House on Monday, US President Joe Biden said that shortly, two major goals would be achieved in helping Americans in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic: the number of vaccinations will reach 100 million, as well as the number of checks paid to the population.

“Vaccines are in your hands, and money is in your pockets – this is important,” the president said.

According to Biden, the “Plan to Save America” adopted by Congress is already changing people’s daily lives. He stressed that 85% of American families would receive financial assistance. Also, the president noted that the economic assistance package provides for the payment of unemployment benefits to 11 million Americans.

“The package will also help hundreds of thousands of small businesses stay open, which is of great importance to local communities. If you have a pharmacy, if you have a beauty salon or a hardware store, then these are the centers of small communities,” Biden said.

The president said that the economic aid package ” provides the largest investment in child care since World War II, it provides food and nutrition to millions of families, will help them not to starve, keep a roof over their heads, and will expand the coverage of health services and reduce costs in this area.”

“This will halve child poverty in the country,” the head of the White House explained.

Joe Biden stressed the need to control the distribution of funds. “It is one thing to adopt a historical law and quite another thing to implement it. The devil is in the details, and this plan requires scrupulous oversight to ensure that aid arrives quickly, fairly, and efficiently, without loss or fraud, to your bank account, to your local business, to your community. Your child’s school,” the president said.

Biden said that the coordination of actions for implementing the plan would be handled by Gene Sperling, who will communicate by phone with the mayors and governors of the states; he will also be responsible for the implementation of the plan.

“We must prove to the American people that their government can help them and will do so without loss or fraud. That we can vaccinate the country, that we can get our children back to school, and that we can get our economy back on track by helping hundreds of thousands of small businesses stay open,” the president said.

He also called on representatives and community leaders to convey the message of the need and importance of vaccination to the population.

“I encourage all local doctors, ministers, and priests to talk about why it is important to get the vaccine; and (why) until everyone is vaccinated, it is necessary to wear masks,” the head of the White House stressed.

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