Biden openly challenged Putin on a number of issues

US President Joe Biden during the first foreign tour of Europe directly challenged his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on some issues related to human rights, said the US leader’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan.

“President Biden directly challenged Putin on a number of issues related to the observance of human rights. This also applies to the unjust detention of Alexei Navalny and attempts to obstruct the work of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty,” as well as detailed public statements (Biden) on human rights and democracy,” Sullivan said during a telephone briefing.

The United States believes that it has outlined “clear limits” to Russia’s actions that are considered unacceptable in cyberspace, said Jake Sullivan.

“We feel that we have concluded this trip with a common strategy with our allies and have clearly outlined the limits for Russia and its capabilities, in case they do not take action against criminals who carry out attacks (in cyberspace) on our critical infrastructure,” Sullivan said at a briefing following Biden’s European tour.

According to the results of the meeting of the presidents of the two countries, the United States sees the potential for cooperation with Russia on Syria, added Jake Sullivan.

“They discussed Syria, especially focused on humanitarian access issues. President Biden noted that there are millions of hungry, needy people in the northeast and northwest of Syria, and the availability of humanitarian corridors implemented by the UN, especially the one that is open now and should be resumed in July, is extremely important to help people in need,” Sullivan told reporters.

“President Putin did not commit to how the Russians would vote on the resolution at the UN in July, but it was a constructive discussion, and we believe that there is potential for joint work between the US and Russia on a positive outcome so that the resolution is passed so that the transition is preserved. Other measures can also be taken to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people in cooperation between the United States and Russia,” Sullivan added.

In addition, the United States will monitor progress in working with Russia on some issues in the coming months and does not rule out possible steps on its part if it is not achieved, Jake Sullivan said.

“There are 3-4 different areas on which we will be able to see in the coming months whether progress is being made, or whether we need to take some steps to protect our interests because progress has not been made,” Sullivan said during a telephone briefing.

According to him, such areas include cybersecurity, the settlement of regional conflicts, strategic stability, and the work of diplomatic missions of the two countries.

“These are the areas that will allow us to determine whether we are making progress or not,” Sullivan said.

Also, Jake Sullivan said that Russian President Vladimir Putin made it clear to US President Joe Biden that he would take measures to ensure that the US Embassy in Moscow was staffed.

“President Putin has made it clear that he will take measures to ensure that our diplomatic mission is properly staffed,” Sullivan said at a briefing.

According to Sullivan, Biden also called on his Russian counterpart to take a “practical and flexible” approach to the work of the US Embassy in Moscow.

He said that soon, the diplomats of both countries will continue to cooperate on this issue. “The next step will be that our teams will meet to work out the details,” Sullivan said, adding that it will be about the issues of completing US diplomatic missions in Moscow and other regions of Russia.

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