Biden on Trump’s impeachment: “The Senate must fulfill its constitutional duties”

The president-elect urged senators not to forget about the urgent problems that concern all Americans.

President-elect Joe Biden urged the Senate leadership to address other pressing issues while fulfilling its responsibilities regarding the impeachment of Donald Trump, which was supported by a majority of lawmakers in the House of Representatives.

“I hope that the Senate leadership will find a way to handle its constitutional responsibilities regarding impeachment while working on other pressing issues,” Biden said in a statement.

The president-elect agreed that Donald Trump incited violence by “political extremists and domestic terrorists” who committed a “criminal attack” on the US Congress.

“It was an armed rebellion against the United States of America. And the perpetrators must be brought to justice. Today, members of the House of Representatives used the powers granted to them by our Constitution and voted for impeachment and bringing the president to justice,” Biden said, stressing that the impeachment was supported, including by some Republicans who decided to “follow the Constitution and their conscience.”

Now that impeachment confirmation depends on the Senate’s decision; the president-elect called on the leadership of the upper house of Congress to “find a way to deal with their constitutional responsibilities regarding impeachment while working on other issues of national urgency.”

Joe Biden recalled that the coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing in the United States, which has seriously weakened the economy. With the new administration coming to power, senators must approve candidates nominated by Biden for key positions in the state, including Secretary of Homeland Security, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of the Treasury, and Director of National Intelligence.


“I often say that we can’t do anything if we don’t act together… We must remember that we are Americans, remember what we have always stood for and believed in,” President-elect Biden added.

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