Biden officially recognized the Armenian Genocide

US President Joe Biden has officially declared the genocide of the mass killings of ethnic Armenians organized and committed in the early 20th century in the Ottoman Empire; it follows from the statement of the leader of the state posted on the White House website.

“Every year on this day, we remember the lives of all those who died during the Armenian Genocide during the Ottoman Empire, and we once again commit to preventing the repetition of such an atrocity. Since April 24, 1915, when the Ottoman authorities arrested representatives of the Armenian intelligentsia and community leaders in Constantinople, one and a half million Armenians have been deported, killed, or sent to their deaths as part of a campaign of extermination,” the US President said.

Biden said that Americans honor “the memory of the victims of Meds Yeghern (translated from Armenian: “great crime”).”

“The horrors of what happened have never been forgotten by history,” he insists. In an effort not to worsen relations with Turkey, Biden’s predecessors as head of state avoided mentioning the word “genocide” in their statements.

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