Biden made a reshuffle in the Oval Office

The American leader placed a moonstone on one of the shelves. According to The Washington Post, this gesture he wanted to emphasize his interest in science.

According to tradition, US President Joseph Biden changed the situation in the Oval Office of the White House and, among other things, even put a moonstone on one of the shelves. This was reported on Thursday by The Washington Post.

The new head of state, in particular, removed the portrait of the seventh president Andrew Jackson, which hung to the left of the American leader’s desk. It was replaced by a portrait of one of the founding fathers of the United States, Benjamin Franklin, by the famous French artist Joseph Duplessis. Like many other art pieces, the image was loaned to the White House for temporary use by the National Art Gallery of the United States. In 2017, 45-year-old President Donald Trump was criticized for being photographed with Navajo veterans under a portrait of Jackson, who signed a law aimed at ethnic cleansing and forced relocation of the American indigenous population.

Biden placed a moonstone on the shelf to the right of Franklin’s portrait. According to The Washington Post, this gesture he wanted to emphasize his interest in science. According to the Houston Chronicle, we are talking about a small piece of porous basalt, which the crew of the American Apollo 11 spacecraft handed to the 42nd US President Bill Clinton.

Biden also placed a bust of the American human rights activist, migrant rights activist Cesar Chavez on the dresser at his desk. On Wednesday, the new American leader ordered to soften the migration legislation, which was tightened by his predecessor in this post. The Democrat returned to the Oval Office and the picture “Avenue in the Rain,” which hung there during the administrations of Clinton and 44th President Barack Obama. However, Trump decided to remove this oil painting (1917).

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