Biden is in no hurry to sue the office of the US administration for refusing to recognize his victory

Adviser to the democratic transition team Jen Psaki called one of the means of pressure on Trump appointments to the new Biden administration.

Democrat Joseph Biden does not yet consider it necessary to resort to legal actions to force the current US administration and the relevant Department to recognize him as President-elect. Jen Psaki, an adviser to the democratic transition team, said on Sunday on CNN.

She was asked if the Democrat is ready to sue the office of General Affairs of the administration due to the fact that the procedure for transferring power in the country has not yet begun. “Going to court is not our priority. Otherwise, we would have done it a few days ago. We have known exactly the outcome of the election for two weeks,” she said.

“We will continue to put pressure [on the administration of Republican Donald Trump], but it will not be just us. I believe that this pressure will increase every day,” Psaki continued. She called the appointment of a Democrat Biden to the new administration one of the means of pressure on Trump. “I can confirm that President-elect Joe Biden will announce Cabinet members next week,” she said.

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