Biden is being prepared by the entire Western world for a fight with Putin

Only three months have passed, and now Vladimir Putin for Joe Biden is not “um, hmm, yes, I think,” but “a smart, tough and worthy opponent.” “But what about the” killer”?” the journalists did not let up. He hesitated, became confused, and began to pause in his words. “Look, he made it clear that … the thing is… I believe that… he himself said what he could do or did…” In general, the classic: “I’m… we’re… he’s… come on… he’s…” “And he was laughing,” the media continued to finish off the clearly floated US president. “I’m laughing too,” he actually tried to sound amused and even chuckled.

It helped. Life, however, did not extend, because laughter still has to be sincere. But it did. And quite sensibly, he added: “I don’t think that this will have much impact on our upcoming meeting.” Keywords. The leitmotif of his European tour. It seems that all these days he is doing everything so that nothing will affect the upcoming meeting. Not without that, of course, cutting the air with branded tricks, such as “I will clearly make it clear,” “I will strictly demand” and “I will definitely warn,” maintains the reputation of a “powerful old man.” However, both the “Big Seven” in Cornwall and the NATO summit in Brussels only added spice to relations with China.

Russia, however, was also left as a “destabilizing” threat, but this time without their inherent fanaticism. My hands itched, though. But that’s probably why they spent two hours in Brussels behind closed doors so that no outsiders would hear Biden telling them to trust him. They say I will get concessions from Putin – then you can. No, even more so. In the meantime, we must be patient and hold our horses. He himself has shown that he does not spoil the furrows. Ploughs on the full program. Three summits, dozens of small talks, two press conferences. Load. And everyone pumps him up, pumps him up. They are preparing the entire Western world for a fight with Putin. And he stands it stoically.

Only once did he specifically give up the slack. Speaking after the G7 about the places of possible cooperation with Russia, he called Syria Libya. And then, if it hadn’t been for his assistant, Jake Sullivan, who corrected a few hours later, no one would have noticed the substitution. Still, they understand that Biden doesn’t care if they decided with Obama which country to start with. Another thing is that in Libya, they just do not need cooperation with Russia. It turned out pretty well there. “They came and saw him, and he died.” It didn’t work out with Syria. That’s why I want to make Libya out of Syria. Biden and “did.”

So, if this was a slip of the tongue, it was all according to the same Freud, who even under the younger Bush did not turn over so often. But it is no longer necessary to explain why the White House refused to hold a joint press conference in Geneva. Biden can’t allow himself to be corrected by Putin in front of everyone. This is, as he said, “not a competition to see who will perform better.” He will be surprised when he finds out that this is not Sweden. However, the main thing for him is to stand for another day and to hold out for the night. And there, at the Villa La Grange, Putin will explain everything to him. And how Syria differs from Libya, too.

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