Biden is ahead of Trump in votes in three key states

Former Vice President of the United States and the most likely candidate of the Democratic Party in the presidential election, Joe Biden is ahead in support of the current head of state Donald Trump in three key States – Arizona, Florida, and Michigan, according to the results of a survey by SSRS, commissioned by CNN.

In the southeastern US state of Florida, according to the survey, Biden gets 51% of the vote, Trump-46%. At the same time, in southwestern Arizona, Biden can get 49%, and the current American President-45%. In the state of Michigan, which is located in the American Great lakes region, the gap is already more noticeable: Biden can get 52% of the vote, while Trump – 40%.

The results of the survey, the channel notes, are based on the responses of registered voters. However, if you consider the possible vote of those who say they are most likely to vote in the elections this fall, the support for both candidates will be about the same, the channel adds.

The channel notes that in 2016, during the US election, Trump won in all three States. In Michigan, the gap was small – a margin of 10.7 thousand votes.

Now, according to the survey, about 60% of respondents in all three states do not approve of Trump’s actions on the issue of fighting the coronavirus and racial inequality. In Arizona, 60% of respondents do not approve of the current policy of opposition to COVID-19, in Michigan – 59% and 57% in Florida. At the same time, support for Trump is higher if the question concerns the development of the economic sector: in Arizona and Florida, 52% of respondents believe that the President is doing well with the economy, but in Michigan, the ratio is 47% for and 49% against.
When asked which candidate will be able to “save Americans from harm,” voters in Michigan gave 52% of the vote to Biden and Trump-43%. In Arizona, the vote was evenly split: 47% each, and in Florida, 51% of respondents would vote in favor of Trump and 46% for Biden.

The survey was conducted from July 18 to July 24 by telephone using a random sample. In Arizona, 1002 adults were interviewed, in Florida, 1005, and 1003 adults in Michigan. The survey has a statistical margin of error of plus or minus 3.6 percentage points.
The US presidential election will be held in November.

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