Biden introduces candidates to key positions in the Ministry of justice

Appeals Court Judge Merrick Garland will be nominated for Attorney General.

President-elect Joe Biden on Thursday unveils candidates for key positions in the Justice Department. He plans to nominate Judge Merrick Garland of the Federal Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia for the Attorney General’s post.

According to Biden’s transition team, former national security adviser Lisa Monaco will be nominated for Deputy Attorney General’s post. Vanita Gupta will be nominated for the post of Assistant Attorney General, and Kristen Clark will head the Department of Human Rights.

The transition team said in a statement that the appointments reflect Biden’s desire to “re-establish the Justice Department as a bulwark of independence and impartiality” and to ensure that the department’s leadership serves the interests of the entire American people.

“These long-serving leaders at the Justice Department will revive Americans’ faith in the rule of law and work tirelessly to build a fairer justice system,” the statement said.

Garland’s appointment will have to be approved by the Senate. In 2016, Barack Obama nominated him for the post of Supreme Court justice. Still, senators refused to consider his candidacy in connection with the upcoming presidential election, saying that the new president should choose the judge.

Garland, 68, spent 23 years as an appeals court judge in Washington and previously held senior positions at the Justice Department, including overseeing the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing’s trial that killed 168 people.

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