Biden has nominated Miguel Cardona for Minister of education

The son of Puerto Rican natives, Cardona worked as a teacher and now serves as the Commissioner of education in Connecticut.

President-elect Joe Biden on Wednesday introduced his nominee for Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona.

In the past, Cardona worked as a teacher and now serves as the Commissioner of Education in Connecticut. He will also add to the list of people with Latino roots in the new administration.

Suppose the Senate approves Cardona’s candidacy. He will have to oversee returning educational institutions to the offline format after they were forced to switch to remote work due to the pandemic.

Biden has already included two Latin American origins in the future administration: Alejandro Mayorkas will be nominated for the post of Secretary of homeland security, and Xavier Becerra – Minister of health and social security.

Introducing Cardona at the Wilmington event, Biden said there would be more non-whites in his “historic cabinet” than in any other administration in US history, as well as more women. The Cabinet will also include an openly gay member for the first time.

“This is a Cabinet that looks like America itself and has absorbed the best of America,” Biden said.

Cardona, who grew up in a family of Puerto Rican immigrants who studied and taught in public schools in Connecticut, understands the “deep roots of inequality” in the American education system, Biden said. During the presidential campaign, Biden promised to dramatically increase federal funding for schools and ensure universal access to preschool programs for children 3 and 4 years old.


Biden has not yet chosen a candidate for Attorney General. This is the highest position in the future administration that remains vacant. Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, the President-elect said he was continuing to search for a suitable candidate because he wanted to fulfill his promise to make the Cabinet as diverse as possible.

“We’re still working on it,” he said. “So far, no obvious candidate has come to mind.”

The search for a candidate for Attorney General is complicated because the Federal Prosecutor’s office is investigating the son of the President-elect, Hunter Biden. Biden Sr. promised not to interfere in the process and not to discuss it with his candidate.

Some Republicans are calling for the appointment of a Special Prosecutor to conduct this investigation.

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