Biden has decided on a future White House chief of staff

This will be Ron Klain, who already worked with Biden when he was Vice President.

Biden’s senior campaign adviser Ron Klain, who was previously a top aide to the former Vice President, will become the President-elect’s chief of staff at the White House.

This was reported in the Biden headquarters.

Klain, 59, was Biden’s chief of staff when he was Vice President. He also served as chief of staff under Vice President Albert Gore.

Klain was a high-ranking White House aide under President Barack Obama, who appointed him “king” of the Ebola epidemic in 2014. Biden is likely to build on this experience to slow the speed of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Ron was invaluable when we worked together over the years,” Biden said. “His deep, versatile experience and ability to work with representatives of the entire political center are exactly the qualities of the White House chief of staff that I need when we are going through a crisis and uniting our country again.”

Author: Steve Cowan
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