Biden hails Pope Francis’ visit to Iraq

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The President expressed his admiration for the Roman pontiff’s commitment to humanism and tolerance.

US President Joe Biden has welcomed Pope Francis ‘ visit to Iraq.

Recalling the religious and ethnic diversity of the country’s population in a statement released Monday, Biden noted that it is home to the oldest Christian communities in the world.

As Biden stressed, the visit of Pope Francis – the first visit of a Roman pontiff to Iraq-is of historical significance. In this regard, the president quoted Pope Francis as saying that “brotherhood is stronger than fratricide, that hope is stronger than death, and that peace is stronger than war.”

Biden called it a symbol of hope for the world that the Roman pontiff visited the place where, according to Biblical tradition, Abraham was born; met with Ayatollah al-Sistani and offered prayers in Mosul – a city that has suffered from religious intolerance and violence for years due to the actions of such a group as IS.

The President expressed gratitude to the Government and the people of Iraq for the care shown in the preparation and conduct of the papal visit. He also expressed admiration for the commitment of the Roman pontiff to the cause of humanism, strengthening tolerance and mutual understanding between religious communities.

Author: Steve Cowan
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