Biden expressed optimism about the outcome of the second round of the Senate elections in Georgia

If the Democrats win it, then with the election of Kamala Harris as vice president, they have an advantage.

The US President-elect, Democrat Joseph Biden, expressed optimism about the outcome of the second round of elections to the US Senate, which is being held on Tuesday in Georgia’s US state. He made the corresponding statement in an interview with journalist Kenny Burns, which was published on the website of the local radio station V-103.

“I am optimistic about today’s vote,” the Democrat said. “We need to restore dignity, honor, and loyalty to each other. It is necessary to restore unity to this country. That’s why I’m so excited about the prospect of a [possible] victory [for the Democrats] John Ossoff and the preacher Raphael Warnock.”

At the same time, Biden explained that if both candidates win, the Senate’s forces (only 100 seats) will be distributed equally between Democrats and Republicans – 50-50. “Thus, the vice president of the United States will actually become the majority leader in the Senate,” Biden said. “She [Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will] have the right to vote to reverse any tie vote, and that gives the Democrats 51 votes.”

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