Biden does not intend to move the US Embassy from Jerusalem

At the same time, the presidential candidate did not agree with the “context” in which Trump moved the diplomatic mission from Tel Aviv.

Likely Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has said that he intends to leave the US Embassy in Israel in Jerusalem, even though he objects to the conditions under which President Donald Trump decided to move it.

“The transfer should not have taken place in the context in which it took place. It should have taken place in the context of a broader agreement that would have helped us achieve important concessions for the sake of peace. But now that this has happened, I will not move the embassy back to Tel Aviv,” Biden said, answering a question from a supporter during a virtual campaign fundraising meeting with donors from Boston and its surrounding area.

The former Vice President said that if elected, he would also reopen the American Consulate in East Jerusalem to “work with the Palestinians” in the hope of preserving the prospects for a two-state solution.

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