Biden criticized the Trump administration for its response to the coronavirus

WASHINGTON – The favorite of the democratic presidential race, Joe Biden, criticized the administration of US President Donald Trump for how it responds to the coronavirus epidemic.

“Unfortunately, the virus has exposed serious shortcomings of the current administration. The permanent lack of trust in the current President exacerbates fears in society, and his hostility to the truth inflates these fears,” Biden said, speaking in Delaware. Local TV channels broadcast his speech.

“No President can promise to prevent future outbreaks, but I can promise you that when I am President, we will be better prepared, respond better and recover. We will lead with science,” Biden said. He did not name specific measures that, in his opinion, should be taken now.

Meanwhile, Biden’s campaign staff said it would hold “virtual events” instead of planned rallies in Illinois and Florida.

In the United States, more than 1.3 thousand cases of coronavirus have been reported, and 38 people have died.

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