Biden considered the cancellation of the briefings an attempt to hide assistance to Trump from Putin

Trump decided to cancel briefings on the security of the presidential election for congressmen to hide the fact of assistance coming from Putin, Biden is convinced.

US intelligence canceled congressional briefings on the security of the presidential election to hide the assistance that Russian President Vladimir Putin is providing to Donald Trump in his re-election as US President. This opinion was expressed by democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, a statement published on his website.

It says that Trump hopes that the Russian authorities are ready to “once again support” Trump’s candidacy and hide his appalling failures, which have plunged the US into numerous crises. “And he doesn’t want Americans to know what steps Vladimir Putin is taking to get him re-elected or why Putin is seeking to interfere [in the election], because Trump’s foreign policy was a great gift for the Kremlin,” Biden said.

According to the US presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, not only Russia but also China is trying to interfere in the election with Trump’s submission.

The fact that the US National Intelligence service stops holding briefings on election security for members of the intelligence committees of both houses of the US Congress, it became known on the eve of August 29. Director of national intelligence John Ratcliffe explained this by the fact that earlier after the briefings, information was repeatedly leaked.

Trump, commenting on Ratcliffe’s decision, said that the head of national intelligence is tired of constant leaks of incorrect information. “Director Ratcliffe provided the [Intelligence] Committee with information, and the information leaked. Whether it was the dodgy [house intelligence Committee Chairman Adam] Schiff or someone else. They are leaking information. <…> even worse, they are leaking incorrect information,” the President said.

The speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff criticized the decision to cancel the briefing, calling it shameful. In their opinion, the President’s team is trying to hide information related to the election.

As NBC News reported, citing an intelligence official, the decision to cancel the briefings was made by the Trump administration. According to the TV channel, members of the committees will still have access to secret written reports. Even the cancellation of briefings means that they will not be able to ask clarifying questions personally.