Biden, at the end of the TV debate, increased the gap from Trump to 14%

According to the first televised debates, the US presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, Joseph Biden, is 14% ahead of the current US leader and Republican Donald Trump in terms of support for his opponent in the upcoming elections. This is evidenced by a public opinion poll published on Sunday, commissioned by The Wall Street Journal and NBC.

The gap between the candidates increased by 6 percentage points at once. If the election were held now, 53% of Americans would be willing to vote for Biden. Only 39% of those polled would vote for Trump.

The survey was conducted among 800 registered voters from September 30 to October 1 – before the US President was diagnosed with coronavirus. The margin of error is 3.5 percentage points. According to a similar poll conducted in late September, support for Biden was 51%, Trump – 43%. In July, Biden’s margin was 11%.

The first round of debates in the presidential election campaign took place on Tuesday evening in Cleveland (Ohio). Data from a survey conducted by CNBC and the Change research service indicated that more than half of Americans considered Biden, the winner of this round of debates.

The next US General election is scheduled for November 3.