Biden and Harris hold their first joint election speech on Wednesday

On Tuesday, it became known that Senator Harris will become Biden’s running mate in the campaign.

Likely Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris, whom he chose as a vice presidential candidate, are holding their first joint speech on Wednesday.

According to their campaign headquarters, Biden and Harris will speak in Wilmington, Delaware. Their speech will be devoted to “joint work for the revival of the country’s spirit and the struggle for the families of workers and the advancement of the country”.

Biden officially named Harris his campaign partner Tuesday. She became the first black American of South Asian descent to run for the presidential election from one of the leading parties.

Harris and Biden are bound by long-standing friendship, as she served as California Attorney General at the same time that Delaware’s attorney general was Biden’s late son, Beau.

“She worked closely with Beau. I watched them fight big banks, help workers and protect women and children from violence, “Biden tweeted on Tuesday.” I was proud of them then, and today I am proud that she is my campaign partner”.