Biden administration to allocate $20 billion to strengthen cybersecurity in the country

The White House said that the modernization would use the latest technologies and apply the latest standards in both safety and environmental protection.

The Joe Biden administration will allocate $20 billion to strengthen cybersecurity in the United States, which will be done as part of the implementation of the plan for creating new jobs in the country presented earlier by the president (The American Jobs Plan), the cost of which is set at $2.3 trillion. This is reported in a White House press release released on Tuesday.

“Cybersecurity is one of the primary challenges of our time, which is why President Biden has identified strengthening cybersecurity in the United States as his top priority and has already taken steps to meet this challenge,” the statement said. “The implementation of The American Jobs Plan will build on this work, provide a reliable infrastructure for all Americans, and renew the power grid.”

As part of the presented plan, it is proposed to invest $20 billion in the modernization of computer systems that are part of the national energy infrastructure, from the federal level to the level of local self-government bodies. These funds will be used to implement vital projects, both existing and new, and to strengthen the safety of existing energy and electronic systems, including improving their environmental cleanliness.

During the modernization, the press release says, the latest technologies will be used and the latest standards will be applied both in the field of safety and environmental protection.

“President Biden’s American Jobs Plan will provide every American with affordable, reliable, high-speed, broadband Internet access,” according to a press release. “This historic investment will also ensure the safety of the network.” To facilitate the implementation of these works and attract contractors for their implementation, tax and credit incentives will be developed, including for companies that provide conditions for carrying out this modernization.

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