Biden accused Trump of “submissive” to Russia

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden accused his opponent and current head of the White House, Donald Trump, of taking a “submissive” position in relation to the Russian leadership.

“We have seen reports that Russian forces attacked American soldiers in Syria and injured our soldiers. Have you ever heard a word from Trump? Did he even lift a finger? Never before has anyone of the presidents of the United States did not play a submissive role in relationships with Russian leaders. This is not only dangerous but also humiliating,” Biden said, speaking in Pittsburgh.

He also accused Trump of not raising the issue in conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin that Russian military intelligence allegedly offered rewards to Taliban-linked militants for attacks on American soldiers in Afghanistan.

Earlier, a representative of the US National Security Council accused the Russian military of violating the rules of conflict prevention in Syria and committing an accident that injured US military personnel.

In response, the Russian center for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria said that on August 25, the Russian military police conducted routine patrols in the North-East of the Arab Republic. From the air, it was covered by helicopters, the use of which is allowed by the Russian-American protocols on the deconfliction procedure. According to the center, the route, composition of the patrol, and the fact that the convoy was escorted by helicopters were agreed with the United States on August 24, as well as the route of the column’s movement in the area of responsibility of the international anti-terrorist coalition.

However, as the center noted, after the column entered the coalition control zone, it was chased by two American armored vehicles. It was also found that the road further along the route was blocked by two more US armored vehicles, the Russian military said.

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