Between the Moon and the Earth, a new satellite will appear

A new satellite will appear between the moon and the earth. It will allow several times to reduce the weight and cost of equipment for data transmission.

The connection between the Earth and the Moon even in modern conditions requires a huge amount of equipment. The distance that needs to be covered by data sent from the Earth’s satellite is 384 thousand km. This means that signal transmission requires significant power – bulky equipment is required to send this data. In outer space, such as weight and volume requires huge expenses.

A new private company called CommStar Space Communications will help reduce some of the costs by installing a data relay satellite between the Moon and Earth. This will reduce the weight, power, and cost of any communication equipment that will need to be delivered to the moon in the future.

CommStar Space Communications plans to do this by installing a satellite closer to the Moon, it will include optical laser communications, which will increase the communication speed of all devices operating between the Earth and the Moon. The company is confident that the need for this has increased after commercial companies started launching the devices. This will be a big leap in areas such as lunar exploration or mining.

The startup works with Thales Alenia Space, and together they create their first satellite, which was called “CommStar-1”. In the future, they want to create a whole network of controlled satellites that will serve as the backbone of the communications infrastructure between the Earth, the Moon, and other areas of deep space. The company’s goal is to deploy the first satellite by 2023.

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