Betelgeuse star’s fading

A group of international astronomers said the Betelgeuse star had stopped fading. Previously, their observations showed that the celestial body was losing its brightness, and at the end of 2019, it fell to its minimum level over the past half century.

Recent observations by scientists have shown that the period of darkening of the Betelgeuse star has passed. Researchers speculated that this was a harbinger of a supernova, but now the object has brightened again. This means that now the star has no signs of a potential explosion.

Over the past week, the star’s brilliance has grown by about 0.1 magnitude. This was reported on the website of the American Association of Observers of Variable Stars (AAVSO).

Previously, researchers put forward the version that the fading of a star is associated with its transformation into a supernova. According to their previous theory, in the future it would explode under the influence of its gravity.

“Such characteristics are common to supernova candidates,” said Daniel Brown, astronomy professor at the University of Nottingham, in an interview with BBC. – Current scenarios suggest that on an astronomical time scale this can happen at any time. That is, in the next 100 thousand years”.

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