Betelgeuse star bright again

Betelgeuse star became bright again. Researchers previously noticed that it began to fade – scientists speculated that the object was turning into a supernova.

The American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO) noted that the Betelgeuse star has gradually returned to its normal brightness. At the time of writing, it is about 95% of its usual brightness.

Astronomers previously noted that the Betelgeuse star began to fade sharply. Researchers have put forward the version that the fading of a star is associated with its transformation into a supernova. According to their previous theory, in the future it would explode under the influence of its gravity.

Scientists from the European Southern Observatory also investigated the Betelgeuse star. In their opinion, the fading is not associated with the internal processes of the celestial body, but with a huge cloud of dust that obscured its light.

This means that the star will not become a supernova in the near future. Scientists note that the cloud of dust that the star produced is a normal event during the life cycle of a celestial body. The researchers added that they often observe such phenomena, but in the case of the Betelgeuse star, it was hidden from the eyes of researchers.

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