Bentley unveils branded birdhouses and bat houses

Bentley employees work with British Autocar to preserve the biodiversity of the Crewe factory. Bentley placed branded birdhouses and bat houses on the campus – boxes were installed on special poles, and feeders were hung nearby.

Bentley is committed to making the Crewe facility environmentally friendly and minimizing environmental impact. The company noticed that the Bentley factory walls are thick enough, so birds cannot build nests, and bats cannot find places to sleep. Installing birdhouses and bat houses will partly solve this problem.

Bentley does not manufacture birdhouses and bat houses: wooden boxes were purchased on the side. The British firm’s carpenters were exclusively engaged in “branding” the blanks – burning the Bentley logo on one of the edges. Birdhouses with the Bentley label do not have much “luxury”: compact booths with one section and a horizontal bar is provided for bats inside.

Caring for the environment does not stop Bentley from creating special versions for hunters with a roost for prey birds. In 2017, Mulliner made a Bentayga Falconry for falconry enthusiasts with cork trim on the boot.

Another non-core activity of Bentley is the creation of an apiary. In a year and a half, the Crewe campus installed five hives for 300,000 honey bees; the first crop was harvested last year. In 2021, the bee population is planned to increase to one million.

Also, the British brand intends to make the plant water-neutral. This will require installing an expensive rainwater harvesting system. The financial benefit of using rainwater instead of piped water is questionable, but such a system’s environmental benefits are undeniable.

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