Benedict Cumberbatch announces when filming for Doctor Strange 2 will start

In an interview that actor Benedict Cumberbatch gave WatchTime with the help of Zoom, the conversation was primarily about watches. But the journalists could not help asking what the actor would have done if he could, like Doctor Strange, manage time. Cumberbatch replied:

I would definitely go back in time and say, “Can we talk about some of the things that are coming, and that needs to be taken care of?” I would do anything to prioritize what would help prevent COVID-19, including changing the healthcare system, preparing stocks of protective equipment, and more. I would also describe how human actions destroy the world in which we live.

From Doctor Strange, the conversation turned to the nearest projects. And it turned out that Doctor Strange is also present in them:

The older I get, the more I choose whom to work with, rather than judging the project by the role for me. I want to work with great masters so that they inspire me and develop in the right direction. I’m currently preparing to shoot Doctor Strange 2. They will start in late October – early November. This is a very interesting project.