Ben Affleck spoke about the use of illegal drugs in his youth

For many years, the actor struggled with alcohol addiction, which caused many unpleasant events in his life – because of alcohol, his marriage broke up, and his career almost collapsed. Friends helped him cope with addiction – actors Bradley Cooper and Robert Downey Jr., who also went through this difficult time.

The actor spoke about his other vice – smoking marijuana in the new book by Melissa Mayertz. The book is a collection of stories from the set of the 1993 film High and Confused directed by Richard Linklater, which starred Affleck. Hollywood stars such as Matthew McConaughey, Milla Jovovich, Jason London and others also played in the film. During filming, many actors abused illegal substances; however, according to Affleck, he was not very interested.

“I already had a bad experience with marijuana when I was 15. After using the drug, I suffered from panic attacks. But when someone smoked, I had to do it too. But more often I only pretended to smoke. In fact, I didn’t like marijuana at all, ”the actor admitted. “At that time, I still did not abuse alcohol much. I became an alcoholic much, much later, and now I am undergoing a course of rehabilitation from this bad habit, “- later added Affleck.

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