Ben Affleck got rejected by a girl on a dating app

After breaking up with 33-year-old Ana de Armas, 48-year-old Ben Affleck quickly found himself ready for a new relationship. It turned out that the actor has a profile in the popular dating app Raya among celebrities, where he tried to find happiness in his personal life.

His attention was attracted by blogger and model Nivin Jay, who herself spoke about her experience with the Hollywood actor. Yesterday she posted a video on TikTok that went viral instantly.

According to her, when she saw Ben’s profile in the application, she thought that he was fake, so she did not reciprocate his “match”. The essence of the application is that its user sends a request to the person he likes, the so-called match. And if he accepts and responds in kind, they begin to communicate. If not, then they cannot continue communication.

The actor was clearly hurt that Nivin rebuffed him, so he sent her back a video asking why she “unpatched” him. As proof of her words, Nivin posted the very video that Ben sent her.

Jay herself, it seems, does not regret at all that she refused Affleck. She signed the video with the short phrase “I’m sorry Ben.”

In an interview with ET, Nivin said she had no intention of making fun of the actor.

I didn’t want to laugh at him in this video. I laughed at myself. I thought it was a user posing as another person,

she said.

When exactly Ben tried to meet Nivin is not specified. Rumors that he was using the popular app first surfaced in 2019, but it was unclear at the time if that was his real profile.

Now, as they say, Affleck prefers live communication and allegedly spends a lot of time with his ex-fiancee Jennifer Lopez. Their meetings are secret. However, despite this, sources from their entourage claim that Ben and Jennifer are friends and nothing more.

Author: Sam Smith
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