Bella Poarch explains the large number of body tattoos

Bella Poarch is only 19 years old, but she is already a world-class star. The girl became famous for her short videos on the popular TikTok network. Bella’s popularity was brought about by an uncomplicated, but the catchy manner of fans: she simply shook her head in time to the track and synchronously repeated the words after the performer. After just one short video per day, more than 2 million people subscribed to the girl’s channel. Poarch had a lot of followers who posted their videos, copying her style.

Despite a large number of fans, until recently no one knew anything about Bella herself. And the girl turned out to have a rather dark past. Only recently, communicating with subscribers, Poarch revealed her terrible secrets. The impetus for the revelations was a question from one of the fans about Bella’s numerous tattoos. It turned out that Bella had been repeatedly subjected to violence earlier, which left her with numerous scars on her body. With them, the girl felt insecure, as they constantly reminded her of the trials she had endured. To hide the traces of violence, Bella covered the scars with tattoos.

Porch recorded a couple of videos for her subscribers in which she showed off some of her tattoos and encouraged fans to be brave and strong and believe in themselves.

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