Bella Hadid calls rapper Lil Pump a “loser” for supporting Donald Trump

Bella Hadid made fun of the rap artist Lil Pump for his support of Donald Trump and for the neglect with which the US president treated the guest star.

On November 2, on the eve of Election Day, during a Republican rally in one of the key states of Michigan, Donald Trump called the rapper to the stage and gave him a portion of the duty compliments: “I like your music and your lyrics, you are a tough guy, come on here – you hear, Little Pump! “

“Just a few extra letters turned the rapper’s stage name into a ‘little pump’ because Trump doesn’t know him and doesn’t want to know, but he went out to Trump’s podium and didn’t even correct the mistake!” Bella Hadid reacted derogatorily. On the contrary, the musician began campaigning for the Republican leader as an irresponsible loser, praising that Trump is doing everything right, said the brilliant Bella.

Hadid herself is a supporter of the American Democrats and supports the candidate from this party, 78-year-old Joseph Biden.

The counting of votes in the US presidential elections continues for the third day and may drag on indefinitely. Both Donald Trump and Joseph Biden announced their victory. Most representatives of American culture – including music and modeling – are traditionally sympathetic to Democrats.

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