Bell has created an electric helicopter tail rotor system

Bell Helicopter has developed a system of electric tail rotors and torque compensation for helicopters. It is already being tested on Bell 429 devices, writes Vertical.

The use of electric tail rotors in a helicopter is expected to reduce its weight and increase environmental friendliness by reducing fuel consumption.

The system developed by the company is called EDAT – it consists of four small electric motors installed in the rear of the helicopter. The rudders are controlled in the same way as in a conventional helicopter – with the help of a pedal – however, they are not driven by rods, but by an electric remote control system.

The Bell 429 helicopter, in which the system is installed as part of the testing, has been tested at the Mirabelle training ground in Canadian Quebec since May 2019. Since the start of testing, the device has flown for 25 hours.

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