Belarusian track and field athlete Kristina Timanouskaya is being taken out of Tokyo against her will

Track and field athlete Kristina Timanouskaya refused to run the 4×400-meter relay. The girl was not warned that she was put on a non-profile distance. A day later, it became known that Timanouskaya would be deported to Minsk by representatives of the Belarusian national team.

Belarusian track and field athlete Kristina Timanouskaya is being taken out of Tokyo against her will. Representatives of the Belarusian national team are deporting the athlete; they urgently bought her a plane ticket and took her to the airport with her things.

The athlete was not allowed to start and was sent to Minsk, the Sports Solidarity Fund telegram channel reports.

Earlier, Timanouskaya was outraged after she was announced for the 4×400 m relay. The athlete, who runs only short distances, was surprised – she was not informed that she would have to run 400 meters for the first time in her life.

“The Olympics is a very important start in the life of every athlete, and all participants are here for a reason, not for beautiful eyes or for old regalia, but for meeting the standard or getting into the top list. Each of us prepares for his own kind and puts all his strength into preparation, which is aimed only at running only his own distance, his own kind. Perhaps the most important thing for today is my emotional statement that I got into the list of participants of the 4×400 relay. I want to explain my position since none of the head coaches has yet tried to determine my condition.

I would never have reacted so sharply in my life if someone had approached me in advance, explained the situation, and found out if I could run 400 m and if I was ready? But they decided to do everything behind my back, even though I tried to find out this information, but only got ignored. Believe me, even though I have never run 400 m, I would be ready to support the team and the girls and go out on the same track with them, but I believe that higher people should respect us as athletes and sometimes take our opinion into account!

I really respect the work of the girls and sincerely worry about them, I would not want anyone else to be in such a situation, and, as it seems to me after all that have happened, and this will be very carefully watched. But I repeat, if there was such a situation and I would have been approached humanly, I would have done everything possible to try myself in a new distance, even at the OI. Who knows, maybe it would have turned out no worse than my favorite 200? I really hope that my sports career will not end there,”

Timanouskaya wrote on Instagram. Timanouskaya was supposed to start in the 200-meter race on August 2.

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