Barack Obama: Women are undeniably better than men

If women ruled every country in the world, the standard of living, in general, would rise, says former US President Barack Obama.

Speaking in Singapore, he said that while women are not perfect, they are “undeniably better” than men.

Obama noted that older people create most of the problems in the world, mostly men, clinging to power.

The 44th US President also spoke about political polarization and the use of social networks to spread fakes.

At a closed-door event on leadership issues, Obama admitted that while in power, he thought a lot about what the world would look like if it were ruled by women.

“Women, I want to tell you that you are not perfect, but I can almost categorically say that you are better than us. I am convinced that if every country on earth were led by women for a couple of years, you would see significant changes for the better in almost everything, from living standards to other indicators.”

Asked if he would ever want to return to big politics, Obama said leaders have to leave when their time comes.

“If you look at our world and its problems, it’s usually older people, usually, older men who don’t want to leave,” Obama said. “Political leaders need to try to remind themselves that they are doing their job, but it is not for life, that they are not in office to maintain a sense of self-importance or power.”
President Barack Obama served from 2009 to 2017.

After leaving the White House, he and his wife founded a Foundation to help aspiring political leaders around the world.
Last week, Barack and Michelle Obama visited Kuala Lumpur as part of the Foundation’s work.

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