Barack Obama approved Drake for the role of himself in a possible biopic

Rapper Drake has said more than once that he dreams of playing Barack Obama in a movie. Back in 2010, in an interview with Paper, he admitted that he carefully watches the politician’s speeches and studies his manners.

“I hope someone makes a film about Obama’s life because I would like to play it. I watch all of his performances, I never change the channel if I get it. I listen and pay attention to his voice and intonation. If you ask someone who knows me, they will confirm to you that I am good at portraying people. I don’t really pump this skill, because I haven’t been called anywhere yet. But I notice a lot. So when the day comes, it will not be difficult for me to learn to speak like Obama, ”said Drake.

Recently, Barack Obama himself commented on Drake’s desire to portray him on the screen. In an interview with Speedy Morman, he admitted that his family would approve of this alignment.

“Drake, of course, can do anything. I mean, he’s very talented. So, if there is such an opportunity and he is ready”– Obama said.

Then the host asked if Barack’s relatives would approve of Drake’s candidacy. “I think he has my family’s seal of approval. I think Malia and Sasha would be wonderful with that, ” Obama replied, referring to his adult daughters.

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