“Back to the Future” screenwriter told what scene in the film he was ashamed of

Trilogy “Back to the Future” is rightfully considered one of the most iconic franchises in the world of cinema, and few people would think to start looking for flaws in it. But for the audience, screenwriter Bob Gale has already done this: in a recent interview, he said which scene from the first part of Marty and Doc’s adventures distorts him even after so many years.

As it turns out, this is an episode in which Marty looks at a photograph of his siblings and sees them start to disappear one by one. At the same time, when his parents split up during the dances, the hero’s hand began to disappear far from so smoothly. Gail found fault with this special effect.

It annoys me every time I see it! But we didn’t have enough time to make this special effect better. When Marty starts to fade, there is a shot in which he looks at his hand and sees a hole in it, but in fact it shouldn’t be that way,

– the screenwriter complained. He added that the difference between how Marty’s family and himself disappear upset him again and again, but the deadlines were tight, and it was no longer possible to come up with a better way to show that the hero’s future was in jeopardy.

But despite the writer’s disappointment, fans still see Back to the Future as a true masterpiece, and minor graphic flaws won’t change that.