Baby Yoda went into space with the SpaceX astronauts

In The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda remains a big mystery, but in the real world, he has become almost the most popular hero, whose products are literally swept off the shelves. Now the crumb has literally left the Earth: the astronauts of the SpaceX Crew Dragon ship took with them a plush version of the hero when they went into orbit a few days ago.

Of course, plush toys aboard a spaceship are not such a rarity, because they serve as a convenient and very charming indicator of weightlessness, but the appearance of Baby Yoda in orbit was significant also because many of his funny exploits took place in the cockpit of the Mandalorian spaceship. True, in the series, the green crumb gave a lot of trouble, and it remains to be hoped that in the case of the astronauts, it will do without inappropriate antics.

It is not yet clear if the secret of the origin of Baby Yoda will be revealed in the second season of The Mandalorian, but there are five more episodes ahead, so anything can happen. The show airs on Disney + on Fridays.

Author: Sam Smith
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